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My services match a sort of hierarchy of needs with administrative processes at the base of the pyramid, managerial development in the middle, and team culture at the top.
Each element is highly interrelated with the others, yet the lowest levels must be examined and addressed first. It is necessary to look at admin processes before moving towards individual managerial development. And beyond that, managerial leadership must be the focus before looking to change team culture and dynamics because it is the manager who has the greatest influence in this area. 
The following People Operations Consulting Services are designed to increase internal capacity, alignment, and effective action to help you lead your team with imperfect excellence to implement and sustain your mission.
Together, we build the skills, create the culture, and design the systems to help you work better together and get more good work done!

All of my services are offered virtually. The various tools I use have been tested and adapted and remain as effective in the virtual space as they are in person.

Work better, together.

People Operations Consulting Services

The Process

I offer a tailored consulting process that targets your unique barriers so you can lead your team to imperfect excellence. I'm your partner and guide through the process, bringing the tools for your situation, accountability practice, and trust building along the way.

Theory of Change

About Me

People operations support for managers and teams.


Aligning on administrative processes requires clear, compassionate management and the daily interactions around these tasks influence the team's culture.
Interpersonal tensions are often misdiagnosed as problems with individuals when they are actually systemic issues. Many of these systemic issues are from unclear expectations and competing priorities at the administrative or task level. Checking and establishing clarity in the foundational level of administrative processes can relieve a lot of tension in a system, not to mention save a lot of time and money!