Interpersonal tensions are often misdiagnosed as problems with individuals when they are actually systemic issues. Many of these systemic issues are from unclear expectations and competing priorities at the administrative or task level.

Checking and establishing clarity in the foundational level of administrative processes can relieve a lot of tension in a system, not to mention save a lot of time and money

We will help your team work better together because they are enlivened, empowered, and safe to openly address these systemic processes with curiosity and creativity.


This if for you if,

  • Clunky, inefficient processes are getting in the way of your real work.
  • You’re ready to stop fixing the same problems over and over and turn frustration into action.
  • You want everyone to know what’s expected of them and to get what they need.


This is NOT for you if,

  • You’ll be disappointed when I don’t show up with a magic wand to fix all the problems immediately.
  • You only want to look at one problem without addressing systemic frustrations.
  • You’re in survival mode and don’t have the capacity for making changes.


Example deliverables:

  • Process analysis
  • Change management
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Templates, Checklists, Flowcharts, How-to Documentation 

Administrative Process Improvement

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