Well crafted meetings, gatherings, and brave spaces give your team the time and space to reflect, refresh, and reconnect while having fun, building trust, getting creative, learning together, and addressing business priorities.

The way we are with each other and the way we get things done is the team’s culture which directly influences employees’ experience at work. Why not create engagements grounded in critical outcomes and compassionate connections that energize the whole team to work better, together?

Together we can create intentional, lasting change that works for everyone to get more good work done.

This if for you if,

  • Your team is ready for open, direct dialog about their work and interpersonal interactions.
  • You’re eager to do something different as a team but not sure how to best approach it.
  • You want to be an active participant in your meeting while someone else facilitates.


This is NOT for you if,

  • You want fun “team building” activities without relating to real work issues.
  • You only want to look at one problem without addressing systemic frustrations.
  • You’re in survival mode and don’t have the capacity for making changes.

Example deliverables:

  • Meeting design and facilitation
  • Strategic planning and visioning retreats
  • Employee surveys and group feedback sessions 
  • Training and coaching on communication models and tools
  • Team assessments 
  • Conflict processing

Team Culture

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